Advanced Medicine Resets Your Metabolism.

Formally, the medications are known as Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists, or more commonly as GLP-1s. They were originally developed to help Type-2 diabetics produce more insulin. They were also discovered to help patients lose weight by activating certain receptors throughout the body. Specifically, GLP-1’s affect the hunger centers in the brain, reducing hunger appetite and cravings. They also slow the rate of stomach emptying, which prolongs the feeling of fullness after a meal.

The net effect of GLP-1’s is decreased hunger, prolonged fullness, and ultimately, weight loss.

Selecting the best GLP-1 and establishing the right dosage level and frequency is a key reason to work directly with a physician. In addition, your trusted physician can perform the weekly injections, or they can show you how to self-inject, allowing you to reduce your office visits to once-per-month. And while we are supporting weight loss goals, our commitment is to the whole patient and whole person – our plan and guidance reflects that holistic commitment.